Missionary Pledge 

I believe in the doctrine of this, the Church Of God In Christ, as it is interpreted by our founder, Bishop C.H. Mason, and perpetuated by the ministers of said church to be doctrines of the Holy Bible. As a Missionary, I pledge my loyalty to this church, and its doctrine pledging to teach faithfully, and no other as long as I hold its license.

I further pledge my loyalty to the leadership of this church, always holding them in honor and esteem. I also pledge my obedience, and service to the best of my ability, according to the education of the dedication of the scriptures

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 Missionary Licensing
   Note: All Pastors wives should have licenses, but are not required to take the test. Please contact your Superintendent or District Missionaries for information.
     1. Aspiring Missionary License: Every Aspiring Missionary receives this license upon recommendation of their Pastor & Church Mother ($10 Fee). 
         After they are observed for two years they are recommended to the Board of Examination. 
     2.  Deaconess Missionary: Upon passing the Examination, the Aspiring  Missionary receives this License. If they feel the call to Evangelism, 
         they are observed for two more  years, after which, they are recommend to the Examination Board once again by their Pastor and Church Mother.
     3. Evangelist Missionary: Upon passing the Examination, the Deaconess Missionary receives this License. 
    4. National Missionary: The local Pastor and Church Mother  make this recommendation to the Jurisdictional Supervisor, who makes this recommendation to the Jurisdictional 
         Bishop. After his approval, the Jurisdictional Supervisor makes the recommendation to the National Supervisor who executes the proper procedures in the National. 
    5. District Missionary: District Missionaries are appointed by the Jurisdictional Supervisor unless recommended by the Superintendents.

Supervisor, Department of Women (DOW)
Mary K. Sims, a native of Kansas City, Kansas. A registered nurse by profession, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.At the age of eleven, Mother Sims was saved and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost one month after receiving salvation. On Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 1970, Mother Sims married the love of her life, Ervin Sims, Jr., a young minIster at one of the local churches. She served in ministry with her husband, Bishop Ervin Sims, Jr. at the Mount Carmel COGIC, in Kansas City, KS. She served faithfully as First Lady for 39 years.

Mother Sims has served in ministry with her late husband, Bishop Ervin Sims, Jr. in the following capacities: Director of Music and Media Department; coordinator of Membership Training Class; Lay Counselor, and Director of Women’s Ministries. Through her leadership, God has birthed the Mount Carmel Women’s Fellowship, “Women of Excellence” which meets quarterly, providing training in house and unity among the women. 

Mother Sims, a licensed Evangelist Missionary, has devoted her life to ministry. In addition to serving her local church, she has served as keynote speaker for retreats, conventions and women’s day services. She has held numerous positions in her church experience over the past 40 years: on the local, district and national levels. One of Mothers Sims’ greatest life-changing experiences was going to Ghana, West Africa each year with her husband to minister to the families in Ghana, helping them, especially the women in leadership and their children.
On March 10, 2001, Mother Sims launched an international women’s ministry called “Sarah’s Daughter’s.” This ministry reaches out to women of all denominations, races, cultures, and ages. Its goal is to train, equip, empower, and encourage women outside the four walls to maximize their potential and use their God-given gifts and talents in kingdom building.

In 2005, Mother Sims was installed as Supervisor of Women for Kansas East Jurisdiction by Mother Willie Mae Rivers. She served in that capacity from 2005-2012. Mother Sims was appointed to the National Executive Board of the Department of Women in 2010. In 2015, Mother Sims was recognized as one of COGIC’s 150 influential women. In March 2017, she was appointed by Bishop John M. Johnson as Supervisor of Women of Missouri Western Second Jurisdiction. She was installed by Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis in the St. Louis 2017 Holy Convocation. Mother Sims now serves with Mother Lewis as Administrative Facilitator, Benevolent Units and Empowerment Initiatives. She was also appointed in 2018 as President of the National Executive Board of The Department of Women.

Mother Sims is a devoted wife and mother. She and the late Bishop Ervin Sims, Jr., had been married 49 years and have three children: Lisa Sims Smith (Keith), Ervin Jason (LaSandra), and Angela Jenelle. She also enjoy her role as a grandparent to her seven grandchildren: Kasey, Keith Donavon, Kristian, Taylor, Jaylen, Ethan, and Jayla.MOTHER MARY K. SIMS 

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