Mother Lucille Brown

Mother Crockett

Centennial  Celebration
1881 - 1974


The Church of God in Christ founded by Bishop C. H. Mason influenced many. Elder Barker, a young energetic charismatic preacher, was sent to Kansas City from St. Louis. Prayer meetings, fasting, consecration and revival broke out. 

1910-1913 A group was assembled to begin services in a small building at 21st Flora. Many were saved, sanctified and filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. Many were added to the faith under Elder Barker at that time.

1915-1916 The group purchased a tent, pitching at 22nd Vine and 26th Vine. The tent revivals brought many into sanctification. During that time, there was much opposition, abuse, threats and persecution, but that did not stop the work of Elder Barker. The group began searching for property. The increase of saints continued. Revival continued. Threats continued. The opposition burned the tent down. Property was located at 1709 Highland with two buildings. One was used for Pastor’s residence and the other building for the church.  

The increase continued. Revival broke out throughout the Missouri Western areas, especially Moberly, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska. In 1917, the first Convocation bringing in all the saints from surrounding areas at 1709 Highland was conducted. Bishop Mason came to the meeting. Elder Barker was appointed overseer of Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. In 1922, the first Convocation was held in Omaha, NE.

Remodeling began at 1709 Highland. A stone basement was built (47x85) and completed in 1927. A few years later, the auditorium was built. Many souls were saved, healings from blinded eyes, wheel chairs, and new growth of limbs were witnessed. In the days to come, many bought church property and had homes built to establish their work. At that time, the growth of new churches was 42. 

Bishop Barker was an early pioneer and leader who lead many to salvation, sanctification and holiness, with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues powered by the Holy Ghost. 


Bishop Virgil Moses Barker was a devoted family man. He met his true love and married Ruth Dolly? Strauss. They lived at 23rd Tracy and later moved to 17th Highland next door to Barker Temple. From that union, nine children were born (6 girls and 3 boys): Virginia, Ruth, Naomi, Elise, Dimple, Merle, Victor, Flernoy and Lavern. At his time of departure, he had 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. 


The greatest man is he who chooses the right with invincible resolutions, who resist the sorest temptations from within and without; who bears the heaviest burdens cheerfully; who is calmest in storms, and most fearless under menace and frowns; and whose reliance on truth, on virtue and on God is unfaltering. 

Few living Americans have made a deeper impression on the public, he changed many of their opinions, softened or removed so many prejudices or awakened greater hopefulness in relation to the solution of race problems encompassed with many difficulties. Bishop V. M. Barer was an example of great worth, an energy which accomplished a great work, inspiring many to a better life and doing good for others, 

Bishop Virgil Moses Barker was born June 24, 1881 at Drew County, Arkansas, son of William and Mary Barker. Bishop Barker was one of thirteen children born to this union. He grew up near Pine Bluff, Arkansas where he received his early education. He later attended and graduated from the Branch Normal College at Pine Bluff, not the Arkansas A & M College in 1908. Upon graduation he traveled to St. Louis where he resided unto the beginning of the year 1912. Having been converted at an early age in Arkansas, he entered the ministry in the year of 1907. Bishop Barker was an early associate of the founders of the Church of God in Christ, he became a pioneer builder and convincing exponent of the Pentecostal doctrine. Many hundreds of persons were converted to the denomination through his dynamic preaching. 

Bishop Barker was the last survivor of the first overseers of the Church appointed by Bishop C. H. Mason, founder of the Church of God in Christ. He came to Kansas City in June of 1912, founded the denomination in the years following in the areas of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Western Missouri. There were more than fifty churches founded in Western Missouri of the Church of God in Christ under his leadership over which he presided for more than sixty years. He became Bishop Emeritus in 1972 after nominating Bishop E. Harris More to succeed him in the work of the church. 

Bishop Barker served as a member of the Board of Bishops of the Church of God in Christ, as a member of the National Board of Directors of the church and as a member of the Historical Society of the denomination, treasurer of the National Benevolent Fund and in many others areas of the Church of which he served for more than 67 years. He suffered a fall in his home August 13, 1974 and entered the Menorah Hospital where he passed away August 28th at 7:25 PM.
The Historic Barker Temple
Barker Memorial Cathedral of Praise
~ Legacy ~
Barker Memorial Cathedral of Praise
11401 E. 47th Street 
Kansas City, Missouri 64133
The Historic Barker Temple
1709 Highland
Kansas City, Missouri
"2012" Theme:
Bishop  E. H. Moore
Rooted in the Past
The church family roots originated with the pioneer saints who started with the Founder, 
Elder V. M. Barker. From the BMCOP archives, we have most of their names recorded
(1915-20/Yelow; 1930's /Green; pioneers with present day descendent family members 
still associated with the Barker Memorial Church Family/Red. 

Elder Virgil Moses Barker, Pastor
Ruth Barker, First Lady

Elder Thomas & Lucille Holt
Geneva and Clifford Holt

Mother Gola Bell

Elder C. G. & Rosa Brown

Brother Isaiah Cooper

Brother & Sister 

Elder James & Pearlie Douglas

Elder Ulysees & Nadine Griddine

Elder Calvin Goodwin

Brother Harris & Pearl Harris 

Deacon Thomas Horn

Brother Cecil Madison

Brother George Mitchell

Elder C. Range

Brother Vance Rice

Elder & Lizzie Robinson

John & Emma Lockhart Bell

Mother Singleton

Elder Clayton & Anna Smith

Elder F. T. Taylor

Brother W. C. Thompson

Elder John Turner & wife

Mother Beatrice Watkins

Brother Clarence Williams

Elder Esau Jackson

Mother Fannie Jackson

Elder Lee Nall & Martha Sykes Nall

Mother Picket

Pauline Richards

Mother Jeffie Lee Rowe

Elder Sausse

Elder James Stewart

Elder Gaye

Many words were given to characterize our founders.  They lived each day full of joy, served willingly with their hands, God was their priority, and they truly delighted themselves in living for the Lord.  They were clothed in His righteousness and purity; this made them unique.  They brought glory to God because they persented their bodies in holiness to him and were prepared for all spiritual battles. 
These saints were known for having a sacrifice of praise.  Their songs reflected their source of life. They knew that a life-style of following Jesus would lead to eternal life not only for themselves but for generations to come (summary from all interviewed). Listed below are a few statements of what a few individuals and the descendents remembered about their parents. 
Mother Lucille Brown played the piano, was a singer, and assisted in cleaning the church.
Mother Ermalene Trent
Mother Jeffie Lee Rowe taught Home & Foreign Missions and was a faithful Bible Band Student.
Missionary Brenda Rivette
The old saints often stated: "If the Lord is Willing" to family and friends.
Debra Trent
Elder Thomas & Lucille Holt allowed Bishop Barker to stay in their home and traveled with him as part of a team ministry.  He was a great Evangelist and placed COGIC on the map.  Powerfull prayer services occurred in their home because of him.
Mother Evalon Jones
The church was builit in 1912 and rebulilt in 1925 (see cornerstone of Barker Temple, 1709 Highland)
The first church consited of two buildings; one was used for the church and the other a parsonage for the first family. The two buildings were later destroyed.  A basement was then re-built in this area, and afterwards, in the 1940's a top was built over the basement. During the early years, the church was called the "Highland Church" not Barker Temple. 
Queen Mother Maxine McFarlane
The church was later named Barker because the church officials requested that the church be named after Bishop as a tribute to him.
Elder Alphonso Bell
During the late 1950's the young adult "Blue Birds" choir and their Director, Alphonso Bell, were given consent to purchase and hang a sign which consisted of a cross outside the church building with the church's name.
 Deacon & Mother Louiis Loche
Bishop Barker was described as being spirit-filled and power packed; he walked the floor, was highly anointed, and treated everyone the same.
Elder Allphonso Bell 
The church during this time was described as having people with a great love for mankind.  They worked and prayed together, studied the Bible, followed leadership, dressed like saints and showed that there was a difference between the saints and the world. 
Supervisor Annie Franklin
The old saints called upon the Lord, believed in deliverance from sin, salvation, and in the healing power of God with working of miracles
Elder Alphonso Bell
Bishop John M. Johnson
Bishop V. M. Barker
Bishop E. H. Moore, Pastor
Western Missouri Jurisdicton
Barker Temple Church of God in Christ
1709 Highland
Kansas City, Missouri
The Historical Barker Temple
Bishop Emmett Harris Moore was born March 28, 1919 to the union of the late Elijah and Lula Harris Moore in Birmingham, Alabama.  He was the eldest of eight children.  His parents and one sister, Odessa Marshall preceded him in death.

He spent his early years in Alabama and later in Illinois.  Godly principles were instilled in Bishop Moore as a young man.  He believed in being equipped both spiritually and scholastically.  Bishop Moore was a graduate of both the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and the University of Illinois (Chicago campus).  He also attended Chicago Baptist Institued where he later taught.  He commited his life to Christ and acknowledged his call to the Gospel Ministry in Chicago, Illinois in 1943.  He served as Pastor of the Philadelphia church of God in Christ; Superintendent of the Founders District of Chicago, Illinois; Founder of the Delena School in Chicago. Shortly thereafter, he met Elise Barker, who would become his bride and First Lady of the Jurisdiction of Western Missouri.
Bishop Moore served as Pastor of Barker Temple Church of God in Christ which was founded by the late Bishop V. M. Barker, faithfully for over thirty-seven years. He taught, trained, and ordained many leaders who are now Elders, Pastors, Administrators, Supervisors and Missionaries. His fruits have lived on in Barker Temple; in Barker Memorial Cathedral of Praise; the Kansas City area; the Jurisdiction and throughout the Brotherhood. He was well respected as a leader, also as a Christian gentleman full of faith and Christ-like lifestyle in the Kansas City area, the United States and abroad.  

For fifty-five years, Bishop Moore was a faithful steward in the Church of God in Christ. He rose through the ranks as a willing and obedient laborer to the national position of Assistant General Secretary. He served as head of the Church of God in Christ Hospital Fund. Through the years, Bishop Moore held many offices and received numerous citations during his ministries, including but not limited to the following positions in the community and the city:

Bishop Moore was a man of valour and even during his affliction he continued to visit the sick and shut-in, jails, nursing homes and mental institutions.  He was a devoted husband, a loving father, a nurturing pastor and a loyal friend. On Thursday, November 26, 1998, our great leader and shepherd laid down his staff and answered his Master's call. Bishop Emett Harris Moore was released from this terrestial sphere to that celestial sphere, thus ending a span of seventy-nine years. He is truly still missed on today. 

Barker Memorial Cathedral of Praise
(Photos taken from the Salute/Dedication Mother Ruth I. Barker
75th Convocation Diamond Jubilee ~ August 1991)
As Time Went By..........
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In 1970, Barker Temple youth choir, under the leadership of Sister Lorraine Fuqua & Brother Dale Dangerfield disbanned following its first recording entitled, Jesus Loves Us One and All. The job of music ministry subsequently fell of the shoulders of the Barker Temple junior Choir, whose members were recruited and organized by Elder Clarence & Sister Margaret Cochran. The choir was duly anchored by the Cochran, Bland, Yates, Washington, Wilson, Rivette and Ray families. The Jackson and Ponder families joined rank and served faithfully. In 1971, Sister Nola Fuqua, who presently serves as Minister of Music, joined in and began to train the youth choir to sing three-part harmony. The Youth Choir would serve on alternating Sundays. They would also perform annually at the 18th Vine Heritage Festivals. Along the way, this anointed choir received a citation for Best Church Choir in the Greater Kansas City Area. Remnants of the original youth group presently serve in the Barker Memorial COP Mass Choir. Its 2009 theme is: Its Not About Us Its About Jesus! (Matt. 1:21)  

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